a piece of my mind poems

#16 An Aloof Loner

                              I close my eyes
                    to see a boy standing aloof
                A tall fair complexed personality

                     With a touch of desperacy

                      The face seems familiar

             But the feeling was a little peculiar

      I enquired, oh why? oh why are you a loner

          He then said, no my friend, not just me

                     It is we who are loners.

                I pondered who might that be

            But could not figure out his identity
                   Though he was a stranger
                  It felt like we knew mutually

        I asked him the reason for his condition

        A smile was his answer in this situation
  I lost my temper, and decided to hell with him

          Yet He followed me to my chamber

           Then he spoke, for I am your soul

           And I am here to remind your goal
       Oh my physical self, realise your sins

                     Correct your means

      Or there lies no meaning of my presence

                   For you and me are one

              a loner people have estranged

            A sadist friends have befriended

            Amend yourself, for you will return

            To the grave with nobody to miss u

            Believe in right and quit the wrong

     But not worry now, for you always have me
                            And I have you.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

2 replies on “#16 An Aloof Loner”

Yeah. I guess you are a good guy deep within. That’s why u are left lonely perhaps. Anyway hope you meet great friends soon.. One for sure brother.

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