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#15 To Be Funny Or To Be Selfish?

Lend me your eyes, read it through friends. Allow me to put forth a question in front of you all. Would you like to be a funny person or a boring person ?
You do not have to answer this question to me. Ask yourself. Be true to yourself. I am sure mostly everyone of you chose the former one.
It good to be funny but, we need to see what is at stake.

There are different types of funny people, one who cracks a conventional joke, one who makes fun of himself (sometimes looks stupid) and one who bullies another person and teases him to make the environment laugh.
Now what kind of a funny person are you?

I am not a very noble person, everyone has a past( a rather nasty one ) and they learn from it. I am a funny person. I was the kind of a person who made fun of others to crack jokes. Well, I still do that. But I have reduced it by far. And when I joke that way, I don’t see the difference between me and a bully. We might laugh to the core but just try to imagine what the other person is going through, being a laughing stock for the entire group of people there.

Now even there, that can be a person who is happy go lucky and doesn’t care. So he will be laughing with you. A jovial practical guy perhaps. But if it is someone who isn’t practical. I imagine what happens of his self confidence. I bet that it would be shattered. He will be like why say out that I am a sentimental person. But inside his heart, he would be causing anarchy. Poor soul.

If that person has a little bit if inferiority complexion, I bit you will be the reason for his little complexion to be a major issue in his life. Your belittling can destroy his teen hood. After all, in few years you might not even remember each other or be together. Life has different paths for all of us. So why not be happy with everyone when we are all together?

And moreover, its been quite few days since I realised this. So I am trying to turn myself into a man who is funny be either cracking a conventional joke method or by making fun of myself.

I say if we can not stand the thought if being teased then we hold no right to make fun of others. So first go through it yourself then you will drop the idea of teasing others even if you wanted to, cause this time you know how it feels like to be made fun of.

Think about this and let me know if you think of something good.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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