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#14 My Opinion About the Opinion of Another Fellow Blogger

Just a few minutes ago, I read an article about opinions. It was a catchy topic, so I couldn’t resist but read it completely. Click here for the blog.
First of all, this is not a reblog, and definitely not a criticism. Just a fellow bloggers opinion on a topic.

So, if you have read it, nice right? You might not like it, nobody is going to question you. Because that is your opinion and in this 21st century everyone is free to have opinions. And most important of all, Opinions vary.
I am a very talkative person, I am capable of thinking multiple topics in my mind even when I am speaking on a very different topic unrelated to each other. And this gives me a hell lot of opinions. Where ever I turn, I would have an opinion related to something.
Many of you might face this too.

Let me take an example from my country.

I am a proud Indian, and I am studying about my country’s constitution. Even though we have the right to freedom of speech, there are reasonable restrictions (there are always a few strings attached with everything). Even though our government views our fundamental rights liberally and in a broad minded way, in 1950 the govt. detained Mr. A K Gopalan, a Marxist. He would frequently put up campaigns about Marxism. It was the year our constitution came in force. And they are supposed to let people have their right to speech and freedom of expression. Article 19 of Indian constitution deals with this.
But the govt. proved their decision to detain him as right. Because his opinions might cause anarchy. It might provoke the citizens to start a rebel. So they were right in detaining him for the sake of nation’s integrity.

Lets get general.
Now, apart from giving opinions, let’s talk about people who listen to those opinions. There are people who listen to others and change their mind drastically. They give up what they stood for very easily. When an opinion reaches these kind of people, they don’t see it as an opinion rather than a decision. I say its better to not give an opinion to someone who just agrees to whatever the idea is, at that very scenario, the process of debating is void. Because people do not want to exhaust their mind by thinking about it. (Wierdos)

Let me tell you an example, this might have happened to you as well.

Let us imagine a plot where you have a bad relationship with a fellow mate. And his opinion about you is definitely not going to be a tasty one. So when he presents his opinion about you in his group of people who in this entire world have no idea about your existence and have no need to care about you. Would definitely agree to their dearest friend. At that very point, I would like to congratulate you that you have successfully become the villain to an unknown group of people in an unknown location for an unknown reason. Bravo fellas.
And to those people who agreed to that other person. Great job considering others opinion. You just proved yourself as mindless piece if crap.

And now even those strangers have an opinion about you that you are an ass. How is that for an opinion?

So, I totally agree with the other writer, about the part where a person is ready to judge the opinion. But in a group where people are too lazy to even discuss about it, Your idea is obsolete. Welcome opinions, if you are ready to judge it, not apply it without a second thought.
And give opinions only to those who ponder over not. Not live by it when they hear it for the first time.

Anyway. Think about it..

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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