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#13 A Nasty Fall in Middle of the Class

This is going to be a small one.
It was few hours ago. I was in my turbo machines class. He distributed papers for our first exam. I went to the last bench and was talking with my friends. Suddenly out of nowhere he started taking class. (Who does that?) I usually sit in first bench. Today another guy came to sit with me in first bench. So I thought it wouldn’t be nice if I left him alone and I decided to move front.
Here cones he fun part,
Read this in slow motion.
I ran to the third bench as it was empty. I decided to cross through it and run to the front. But my unfortunate moment, my leg got strangled and thudddddd.
Down went I. A heavy sound did come too. I got up fast and went to the place and sat there. It was silent too. Everyone was looking at me. Then did I realise that I hurt my shoulders and had a small thin bruise.. I went like, “aaahhhhhhhhh” loud and in a squeaky voice. This cracked everyone. People broke in laughter’s. But only I did know the pain. It was funny. I laughed over myself cause these don’t happen always. So when they do. Enjoy the moments.
After the class was over. Few guys talked to me and shared about their experiences of falling down. Then did I realise that I was not alone and their episode was a funnier one. Damn this is fun. People are laughing over it.

And its good to be the reason for people’s laughter. (:

And as a fact. I have sneezed like around 117 times today. Damn its tiring.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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