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#11 The Difference Between Need and Greed (Want)

We tend to talk to people to feel cool and funky. Especially, people of my age group consider the being cool part, a little seriously. It is not that I never think about these things. I very much do. But I realised it recently that we do not have to do anything just because we want it. There is a difference between wanting and needing something.

Every living thing in this universe has a need which is very important for it to survive (including especially humans). In the absence of need, a human is obsolete. Nothing but a lump of flesh. As a social animal with 6 senses, we are required to identify the difference between our needs and desires. It is not that we cannot survive without our desired things. Our life will not be tough to lead if we sacrifice or let go of our desires.

I understand, it is not so easy to let go of our desires but we can think about the people who don’t even get what they deserve and need for their survival. Thinking this might help us to realise what we want is something which we get by depriving others of their basic needs. Even an extra cup of rice you have after a satisfactory meal is denying someone somewhere from having it. And as children of nature we all need to learn to share. And sharing is not possible until and unless we learn to come over our desires or we will be digested by that very desire.

A starving person praying for food is need but a healthy rich guy praying for a fancy ecstasy dish is greed and a mere attempt to show his capabilities to get stuffs. I have decided to help anyone and everyone from this very moment onwards by saying yes where ever I can. Because my ultimate aim in life is to be remembered after my life, not just by my family but by everyone if possible. I want to save a page for me in the book or history. Be admired and appreciated. This is a want but this is my aim. I can’t give up this one.
There is no thing in the world which will give you more happiness and pleasure than the satisfaction you get from helping others. Try helping a visually challenged person cross the road. Try helping an aged person in carrying their loads. Try saying a simple thank you to people who serve you.
These are simple things which give immense happiness to you and to the other person.  You will be admired for this. Give give and give love, never demand it. You might expect it but never demand it.

Expecting things is human nature but demanding is dominating. We don’t have to claim us supreme than anyone. Take care of the people around you and they will respect you. That is the supremacy you are searching for. You might be lonely and that might frustrate you at times, but never show the anger on yourself to others. That ruins everything. Never hold anyone responsible for your failures. 

Be the architect of your own life. And be proud of it. Never be embarrassed. Face your deeds.

Always think before doing anything whether you can live without it?. If so, why not give it up? These are the few things in life which we can afford to give up.

Always remember, after some years when you turn back and look at your past, you should see yourself in it, Making own decisions. Even if you are not a great success in your field of work, you are a great success in life for choosing your own decisions. And that is what you need. Many great achievers do not have the pleasure of doing what fancies them most.

Never regret for what you have done in life. If it is wrong, change it. But never regret, because if you didn’t do it, you would have never known. Face yourself.

May our conscious be with us where ever we go. May we be guided right by our intuition. May we be worthy of our choices. May we be the one to lead our life. May we be the one to shine for our glory and righteousness. May we be true to ourselves. And may we be a lamp spreading the light of wisdom and happiness around us. Let us live to prosper. Let us live to be trusted.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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