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#10 A Proud Day Worth Sharing

It has been a while since I blogged. Sorry about that. Anyway, I am back.
Today, I planned to visit a nearby school and teach the children there. They are a group of inquisitive students with an urge to gain knowledge where ever possible. If you meet them, I assure you that you will be charmed. They are so cute.


The name of the school is Ooratchiya Ondriya Nadunilai Palli. It is in the Thanjavur district, in Thirumalaisamudiram locale. Schooling till 8th grade is only available there.
We started from our college at 9:05 am. We waited for bus but it was getting late. So we decided to walk. We refers to 7 people. 3 third years including me and 4 juniors. This was my first time.

I was voluntarily involved without being a part of the SCORE organisation. We got a town bus in half way and boarded it. We reached the next stop in about 5 mins. And went into the woods. It was deep inside the outer forest.


Very pleasant and peaceful way. A calm place to refresh oneself. We marched in to go to the other side. We reached the school at 9:25 am and to my very surprise, the kids greeted us with good morning and welcomed us happily. It was very sweet.


That school even had a Guinness world record for the above mentioned reason.

We walked in and set up the class. I chose to guide the 8th grade kids. They were a lot and very funny group with 3 boys and remaining girls, with a total of 27 as class strength. They were very eager to learn English. They were enthusiastic and driven. They were all that you need to be a teacher. I taught them about tenses and their usage in sentences. The difference in usage of has, have and had. Pretty simple stuff.
It felt like 10 minutes but 1 hour and 19 mins had gone by. We were having a group activity. Similar to roleplaying. We had fun.


But due to lack of time. We couldn’t continue the game. And I promised to continue it tomorrow. They liked me, it was evident. They asked me to dance but, I refused. It was time for their spiritual lesson. My associate S had planned to give a spiritual speech. So we assembled the kids for that. It was a long 45 minutes inspiring speech. Other people from our group went back to college. Me and S were last and still continuing.

He told them a story and later a song. He also talked about patriotism and ended with our national anthem.

And I took pictures with the students there. I will upload later. Because of poor internet connection now. They were excited and they even called my phone as a remote controller.




And to satisfy the fancy of the kids , they made me and S race. In a cycle. It was fun. It had been 3 years since I rode a cycle. But still, it was fun.


It was already 12:15 pm and we decided to leave.

It was an awesome experience and I am planning to go tomorrow as well. I felt satisfied. A complete feeling that, I made productive use of my day. Feels really awesome.
We walked back to the college and had lunch. I came to my room, jumped on my bed and started blogging.
I suggest you all that if u get time, do some community service. You don’t have to be part of any organisation. Its your thoughts that matter. Make a day worth telling others. I just made mine.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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