#09 To God’s Own Country

Well, All of you from India should have guessed the state by now. It was 4 years ago. I just got in my +2. In late May 2011, I visited wayanad, kerala. It was a 2 day trip to soochipara falls and pookad lake the first day and, muthunga sanctuary, kuruva island and bansara dam reserved for the forecoming day.

We started from Chennai, Tamil nadu on 25th May 2011, and reached the resort around 2 am. We were sleepy. Tired, exhausted and drained. We hit the beds around 3 am. Lights off.
I was awakened by my mother at 6 am, guess Wat? I was not feeling anything wrong. I was perfectly fresh and brisky. It was a chilly climate. I went to roam in the resort. Found some native fruit.

Not sure what it is, but I dare not taste it.

I ate “puttu”, a native cuisine, for break fast and we departed for soochipara fall, it was exotic, fancy and simply wow. People were enjoying under the falls, I had my chance too. It was heavy. Like a ton of metal pouring over me, only not hurting me as Much (still, It hurt.). It was cool, and pure. I even made some friends who were visitors from Uttar Pradesh. It was a vacation time. So everyone’s visiting.

Looks great right??
Not as slim as it looks. Trust me on this one.
You give me your comments about this one.

We left in the afternoon for pookad lake. It was evening when we reached the lake, crowded with couples everywhere (and I was with my parents, how sad?). So we went on a very costly boat ride and had some snacks.

Quite a view, felt good But little lake sick.:p

I bought a cowboy hat here costed me 30rs. Looks funny now. We reached back to the resort at 8 pm and slept after eating our dinner. It was nice. Well, I had one more day of entertainment left.

Good morning 27th May 2011, we left early for muthunga sanctuary. Since we had 3 places on our list. It can get pretty tight if we do not plan and execute exactly. You might have faced it at least once. Anyway, back to topic. We reached muthunga sanctuary, we were soo early that it was not even open. Duh!!! While waiting for it, I saw my school mate, S also waiting for the sanctuary to open up. ( what a small world?, of all the places, we had to meet in a sanctuary. Lolz)


So, eventually, we visited inside and it was usual, wildlife. Nothing too specific but to my surprise, I saw huts in the sanctuary. And there were no fences too. Too friendly animals to be a wildlife. Phewww.

Anyway, let’s fly by. After our safari, we went to an island, kuruva islands. It was deep in the forest. I felt like I was being kidnapped, as shown in old Tamil movies except there were no masked guys( mordern Trend and gut perhaps).

Yeah. Don't wonder, you see this in army training.

We crossed over to the island through these questionably safe rafts with really nauseating stench. We went in to see another river. Again, wet legs, dirty cloths, and weird guys washing cloths. It was a deja vu with clear evidence of not being one. ( wonder what was that about).

Not me. Some random picasso, posing monalisa I guess

It was 2 pm by then, we didn’t eat lunch. Ignoring that, we went on with the checklist. One more to go. Uno mass. It was time for bansara dam.
We reached there only to find out there were no tickets for the visit. But we argued our way in. You know, Indians are good in arguments (we all have our talents). So we went in search of the treasure of sierra madre, instead we hit meccana’s gold. Ice creams to be precise. Each of us had one, (off the record. I had 3, different flavours. Not good. Don try that).

Welcome to the dam...

So we came back to shore and it was actor kalabhavan manimaran, posing for pictures with the public. We had our snaps tooo.  (:
My sister was admires by him. She too was thrilled, for she was in 2nd grade then. Cute right?
So we returned to our resort. Thanked the guys who helped us there and left for the train station in kozhikoodu. And we reached Chennai on 28th. It was a good experience.. sweet memories. (:

It was my first and only time to Kerala(yet) . I am hoping to travel more. Kerala calls me. I will be back… B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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