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#07 The guy who wants to be me

This one is dedicated to my friend, I would like to refer him as A, for now.
And the title does not mean that he wants to be me exactly. He thinks likes my attitude and my way of looking at things, my perseverance.

I had a brief talk with him, few minutes ago, he shared an instance with me which had dulled his entire 4th semester. I am glad he shared it with me.
About A,
He is a very studious person, an achiever and a bookaholic. About an year ago, he had an unpleasant exchange of thoughts with a professor.

As far as I know about A, he has anger issues which he is working on by the way, he cannot let go of things, he has to elevate it as an elephant in the room. He doesn’t do that on purpose, But mistakes do happen. This time, he was accused of disturbing the class that day, by the very same professor. He ordered A to leave the classroom but A was innocent. He refused to comply, and replied him that he was not guilty and I would not move out. The professor was consistent, infuriated  and due to A’s humiliating stubbornness the professor left the class room. ( a determined professor. Couldn’t make the student leave. So he leaves). And since he has always had a good name towards all teachers, A felt really bad and went to apologize to him, But he was ignored. The professor didn’t even consider him as his student. He always avoided him.
I still feel sorry for A that he couldn’t sort it out with him. And the professor has left the institution and proceeded elsewhere.

I do not encourage A for doing that, after all. He was our professor. A person who was dedicated to give us knowledge, we need to respect them all. But what has happened, has happened. No regretting now. But you can avoid repeating it. (:

A said and I would like to quote it, ” Do you have this attitude of yours by nature or did you tune yourself that way?” I had no answer, I told him that I had been this way as far as I remember. Dude, If u are reading this, I would like to tell few things, for u and for those who are like u.

U r hesitant, don’t be. U never reach the top if you are hesitant. Be energetic. Be first to enroll in anything and everything. Do not do anything for a reason, do it only for yourself, your happiness, do it for the opportunity that presents itself. And always be calm, other’s words should not provoke you. You should have better control over yourself that others. Be the master of your emotions, learn to control it. It is hard, it takes time but nothing is beyond reach. And if u have anything to enquire, am just a mail away. (:

Keep exploring yourself. And that should help you figure out who you are. (:

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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