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We all like to and try to show ourselves as strong, independent and smart. We act like we know some thing ( but makes no sense to us). We act like we understand others problems, (even though we don’t give a prick about it). Why be so fake? Why be a poster?

“Wake up before you loose your identity”

Its time to figure out who we are. I, am not going to lie anymore just for the sake of others smile and satisfaction. Enough of pleasing others. It’s time for me to be there for me, to live for myself, for my happiness. No more of acting selfless. This is my life and I will be happy. I don’t care what others assume about me, or if they judge me. I will not stop, Till the goal is reached.

Arise, awake and stop not, till the goal is reached.          -Swami vivekananda

I cannot claim myself as an experienced person, or a wise old man, for I am only 19 years old. But I do have the the maturity of a man, who can decide what is right and wrong. Life has taught me that much for sure.. I care about others, But not what that think about me. For they are my friends, not my foes. Be them as they are, judging, criticising, complaining. I am who I am And I will not back down up Till I completely figure out who I am..

We all have deeds. Think, have we never been selfish? Have we never cheated others? Have we never stolen anything? Have we never hurt a Person who loves us? Have we always been there when we were needed?

I am not a perfect human, in fact, No one is, who is a perfect human? please define if you figure it out. I don’t see any definition. We are all human in our own ways. Being human is being who we are, is doing what we want, is living how we wish to.
I know many people who care a lot about what if?

What if people laugh at me? What if my friends tease me? What if I don’t perform properly? What if? What if? What if?
Remember you will know the answer, only if u do those things. Do the things which scare you. You will discover who you are, what you are capable of.  You can achieve great heights, all you have to do is believe in yourself when no one else does.

You will never regret for doing something which helps you to define yourself. If it’s not right, we can always mend it or quit it, but never should we be in a position where we regret, ” I had the opportunity, but I let go”.
Life’s motto, no regrets. We are all on a devine path to discover our true self. So it is always fine to try new things. (:

We pretend to publish ourself selfless. But Its not wrong to be selfish. Accept yourself. When you are not ready to accept yourself, Who will?
We all have our needs. We are humans. There is nothing wrong in craving for attention, love and care. It does not show you as weak. It shows that you want people around you. It defines you. And I choose to think so.

And hence, I say it proudly, that I need people, I want to be cared, loved, needed, hugged and mattered. It’s never too late to say.
I say, give it a shot, what’s there to loose?
All that might happen is you get things working. You will be admired for being honest. You will be respected in your society. And that my friends is a new you. Well, A beginning of new you and I.

I have started on this path to discover myself. It’s always hard when we are alone, we need company. So let’s get going if you too are a person who wishes to be found from the lost.

Only we can find our way back. No one is going to come searching for us.

If you want to say hi, ask questions, suggest anything, share opinions. Feel free to comment.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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This is your dad.
Combintion of screen back ground Vs letters is not comfortable to read. You may chage white back gound screen & coluord letters or wise versa.


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