#04 Lost in The Mountains


Its my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday J Vaishnavi Devi. This one is dedicated to her.

Am Eating Cereals, How would you like some? Anyway suit yourself.
Well, I was just wondering, how many of you ever got lost? (I mean Big time). I have been lost many times, but this topped them all.

I was lost, But not clueless. I felt mother’s love, and father’s responsibility for me.. Felt good. Its nice to feel such things.

Today, I am going to walk back on that memory of mine, taking you with me through time, that one time when I travelled to “Vaishnavi Devi Temple“. For those of you who don’t know about the temple, click here.

I was in 2nd grade, it was 2002to be precise, We lived in Punjab back then. It was summer holidays, and my uncle and aunt had come to Punjab with their kids, A son PR and an elder daughter PA.

I don’t remember exactly about it but I do have suppressed memories. I get fragments sometimes, And my parents helped me out. Now I have a clear explanation. Lets glance back in history.

The mountain was very steep. Seriously, very steep, am not kidding. Have a peek.

Steep, Ain’t it?

So, there is something called as “pittu“. Click to know.

Since me and PR were very kids, our parents thought it would be better to let us get over pittus. I will add a pic later when I find it in the old albums. So they let us get over pittus.

During that time, a new path was constructed, which was shorter, so the pittus took the new path ahead, but our parents used the old path.

The two guys decided to smoke and they rested for a while, but our parents walked faster and reached the juncture early. so they assumed that we must have progressed further, and they went too. This was in a period when mobile phones were not as common as a shirt.

This was supposed to be the meeting juncture( I guess), but ? unfortunately

Now, when we reached, they were not there, we waited and then figured out we were lost. even though I was a young kid, I was very talkative. I requested the pittu guys to carry me to a cop, I told him , “My Dad Is LosT, Find Him”. He laughed like something that is about to burst.

Come to think about why he showed his half deteriorated teeth, I said my dad’s lost, apparently, the point was, It was me and my cousin who were lost. (I was a kid , what would I know? Yet he laughed. How rude?)

When that guy went to make an announcement, there came my dad, before the announcement . He just came to check what if we were in the juncture. (how lucky he was huh?)

I rushed to him, and hugged him. My dad was very angry and he almost hit the pittu guys. The cop stopped him.

It was out time to go to the middle temple now, and it was already afternoon. My dad took us on horse. Damn those horses. you will know why I am cursing them, in a second.

This horse was decorated like this and it was huge. ( Not a groom perhaps )
As you can see, the path is too narrow and the horses, always would walk on the edges, during the time I went there, there were no rails on the side to prevent us from falling, It felt like I was gonna puke my heart out. even in this very picture, the horses are standing on the edge.

And now when We reached the middle temple, We saw our parents sitting there, face drenched in tears, They had lost us for almost 3 hours. I still can’t imagine what they must have been through. This was when my mother decided to name her next child as vaishnavi devi, if it was a girl ofcourse.

And what I noticed was they were not wearing any ornaments, they had put everything in the donation box praying for our safe return. ( Dramatic right?)

And all was back to normal. Like nothing ever happened. Me and PR were fine. We had fun. But we had to return without going to the top.

But whenever I think about it I imagine my situation if I was not found. Maybe I would have managed to become a Don, Or an IAS or at least a Rock star…. 😀 😛 Lost people tend to be more famous in Indian movies. lol

Anyway, this is my today’s memory for you guys. hope u like it. keep reading and do share your comments.. (:

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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