#01 Smart Shoe

Hey people, Happy Sunday. Its time for smarty shoes. 😛 How many of you know about that technology? Well, even if some of us had plans about that, looks like a successful group of German researchers raced us to it. They have developed a shoe which can self charge, and generate enough power to run a sensor and transmit the data from that very sensor to a smart phone as well.. Isn’t it amazing? Each step you take, there is voltage cracking. 😛 This works on the concept of magnetic induction, nothing that gizmo about it. Each shoe contains a magnet and a coil. So when one leg walks past another, magnetic field varies and Emf is induced. This is a simple concept but brilliantly adapted to the specific need. This was innovated for self lacing shoes, but looks like maybe we can charge on the go. How fun could that be? (probably we will get tangled on the charging wire and fall with a thudddd) 😛 Well, fair enough good technology. but I have a few queries of my own. What happens when I step on stagnated water? Do I get electrocuted? (hope not) And is it suitable for sporting other than track events??? 😛 Or do I have to take care of it more that I take care of my foot? As they say in an advertisement, “Kitna Deti hai?” lol 😛 Just ponder about it, and leave your comments too. Suggest me topics if you like these. I would appreciate it. (:

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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