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#03 “I” movie

“I” , Shankar’s latest..

Let’s begin with acting, Vikram, incredible work.. As I always say, The Christian Bale of Kollywood.. Extremely great work. Total dedication. Hats off.

An IIT preparation for a midterm exam
– the very words of my professor.

Amy Jackson, did a pleasing role.
Santhanam, as always. A treat, nice comments every time, nice time pass.

The movie was exotic, the set ups were nice,  Ofcourse, who am I kidding here. that’s shankar, No question about the remarkable settings.. But, there were lots of logical questions.

Lee doesn’t know English properly, his accent was unquestionable for the first half, exactly suitable for his slum role. But after a point, he starts to speak this stylish English, “We r planning to get married soon.”  And he also manages to use laptop in a pretty impressive way. ( Apple laptop).

I didn’t know that he was a doctor as well, the movie shows ugly Lee doing researches, lol. He mixes some potions and makes his own recipe of beauty cream. ( No doubt he looks that good in the second half, the ugly Lee. :p )

And when the other bodybuilder Ravi, Gets money from John to take out Lee, He says that he is a partner in Lee’s case, not someone who works for money( showing his anger on Lee), How stupid? He could have taken the money and killed Lee (now that’s smart). He gets a shit load of cash and he gets to take out Lee. ( That’s double bonus, but he is a dumbass)

This movie, as any other movie, shows the hero as very talented but the bad guys r soo dumb. Seriously? when a swarm of bee is stinging the shit out of you, You jump in the swimming pool just a step aside. Look right, u dumbass..

On the whole, if u are looking for an entertainer, have fun But, If u think. Shooo, Get out of the theater, U Don’t belong here.. :p

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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