#02 IR Sensor

Good noon, Slept late last night, woke up just few hours ago. It feels like a hangover, no breakfast, no bath, I did brush my teeth though ( I guess I did. I don’t remember), Too hung up, arghhhhh. I have to submit an assignment tomorrow, Mechatronics. About any sensor. I brilliantly came up with the idea of IR sensor. Had to prepare it today. Anyway, Task completed. I feel like getting shorter. We don’t even have time to study properly ( If at all we decide to). Topping all of that, we are burdened with this “absolutely worthy informative and technologically overflowing with wisdom crappy piece of junk job“. Whatever, anyway. I made it with ma team mates. And Tadddaaaaaaaaaa, we managed to get an exact opposite output. Turns out the surrounding brightness was too much for the sensor. ( What a F*&^ed up sensor? ) Now how the hell am I supposed to reduce the Sun’s brightness??? duh??? And this is why I hate circuits (no offence here, electro guys), it bores the shit out of me. Then comes a techie (The Return Of Jedi šŸ˜› ), an electrical department student. Takes the sensor and does some Abra ka Dabra,Ā  tintintotal whatever. And voila, we had it. I had no clue what was happening, but I managed to make a video ( with Credits šŸ˜€ ).

Now the part where I explain how to do set up the very same circuit.

Its pretty simple, we would need few things to proceed like
a) bread board
b) bread board wires
c) 3V battery
d) Ir sensor
e) led or a buzzer for output.

Now, we need to connect the negative terminal of the battery, led or buzzer and the ground terminal of the IR sensor with the help of bread board.

The Vcc of the sensor is connected to the positive of the battery, which is used to give the power to the sensor.
the Vout from the sensor is connected to the positive of the LED or the buzzer.

This completes our circuit. now if we keep any bright-colored surface(white is recommended) in front of the sensor. it gives an out to the LED or the Buzzer.

Application: This is used in robotics ( line following bot), and other proximity based applications.

Warning: Carefully handle the legs of the LED , they tend to break easily.

Just gonna present tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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