a piece of my mind

#000 The First Ever

hey, my first blog.

I was kinda hesitant, when I had the idea to start blogging, I mean, is it fine to tell strangers about us like our little emotions and stuffs? Is that sane?

But now, I feel its okay. It just helps me to feel better. am determined. And I will do this regularly.
now, a little abt me.

I am aravindha, am a college student, i am passionate, driven, confident(over-confident) and inspired. i am a well determined guy who likes to improve always. and as all human beings do, i like to be appreciated ( a lot). (:

I am very talkative, and I am going to write more than I speak ( I will try)  😛 , I have been through a lot. I will be sharing things slowly…

my interests: am a guitar player, I play football, and I have been hitting toward gym for past 3 months.

my saddest thing is that, I know a lot of people, I know almost everyone but I have only few friends whom i can say as well wishers,people judge me, they don’t offer me a proper or a fair chance. they don try to know me, they judge. not all but almost everyone. and that kinda sucks.

I have been facing this for like forever. I sometimes wonder the fault is with me, but? they judge. isn’t that wrong?
so I feel that no one should b judged ever without a fair and proper chance.

this is to everyone who gets judged. we will make it through.. (:

I feel better.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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